Monday 4 March 2019

'St Ives in Stitches' - a community project

Hello all, just thought I drop a little post about a project I'm taking part in - 'St Ives in Stitches'.

Last year a locally based textile artist, Jo McIntosh, started up a community project to bring together people to stitch all the buildings/shops along the harbour front in St Ives - it was finished last September and put on display during the St Ives September Festival.  This project was open to anyone, no matter what skill level of sewing so was a brilliantly friendly and inclusive thing to be part of.  My lovely Mum contributed to last year's group and found it a great way to meet new people, exchange ideas and catch up with old friends from St Ives.

There is some background information on Jo's website here and there is also a Facebook page to follow here.

There's also this wonderful video that was taken of all the completed pieces of stitching.

Well, Jo has restarted the group in order to stitch all the shops in Fore Street, and I've joined my Mum this time to contribute a couple of pieces.

I've picked 'The Raw Chocolate Pie' shop and 'Pure Silver'.  In hindsight, I don't think I thought the Raw Chocolate shop through very well as it has a LOT of writing - aaargh!!  Not sure how I'll approach that yet, but I have my 10 inch square of calico, a photo to go by and a mound of scrap fabrics to use. Can't decide yet whether to use fabric collage or felting...I'll keep you posted!

Other news...

I was delighted to find out that 'Blooming Lovely' sold through Blue Bramble Gallery not long after I took it down there - amazing!  It really is such a great feeling to sell something...I hope it brings a little joy to its new owner.

Now Sold! x

My last blog post was about felting a landscape - I've finished this now and I'm really delighted with it.  The colours, inspired by my tray of nature treasures, really seem to work and it's just pleasing to the eye.

I've altered the orientation slightly from how it was originally, by turning it to give a flat horizon rather than a 'slope' - I much prefer that.  The white hare, the trees and the stitching in the foreground are just enough to make it look 'complete'.

I'm displaying this with a mount and behind glass - haven't got a title for it yet though...any suggestions?

Framed in 13 x 13 inch box frame to keep the work off the glass.

Really busy getting our holiday cottages ready in time for Easter, so any arty activities will be squeezed in whenever I get a chance - and of course I have my St Ives in Stitches to plug away at in the evenings.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy March - and catch up again soon.

Feel free to leave a message, let me know what you're up to creatively - it's always nice to hear from people that read my blog!