Wednesday 27 September 2017

I heard a robin this morning...

'I heard a robin this mornin'
I'm feelin' happy today
Gonna pack my cares in a whistle
And blow them all away...'  
Al Jolson

Whenever I post a photo or create a picture of a robin, there always seems to be a lot of love for this little bird.

It's the time of year where 'our' robin starts to hang around the garden a little more, becoming more trustful and daring.

Fiercely territorial, the robin is a feisty little bird and yet its song is an absolute joy to listen to - a little melancholy with rippling notes and trills, announcing its presence in full voice.  Our robin sits either on our wall or on top of the washing line pole to sing, choosing a good vantage point to make sure it is heard by all.

Many people associate a visiting robin with someone close that they have lost - I have heard that a number of times, and indeed a couple of my needlefelted robin pictures have been purchased by people that find the robin a comforting sign that a loved one is still with them in some spiritual way.  

I love that sentiment.


This is our little robin, sitting on top of the garden wall quite happy for me to get close to take his photo!

 As our robin has been hanging around in the garden a lot more lately, I was inspired to do another needlefelted portrait.  I worked it into a printed linen background (which is actually a piece of a tablecloth I picked up in the reduced section of Sainsbury's - love a bargain!)

I was really pleased with how it turned out, and if this picture doesn't find a new home it is more than welcome to hang on my own wall!

Let's make sure we look after our little birds as the weather changes - time to fill up those bird feeders!

Have a great week