Friday 1 September 2017

Not Just a Card...

Well, with just a week left until we set up for the St Ives Textiles Exhibition, I've been finishing off some cards which will be for sale.

I buy lots of cards for myself, usually printed art cards of paintings that I've admired and can sadly not afford to purchase - cards that I never intend to give away, but will keep and perhaps frame in lieu of the original.  A way of enjoying inspirational art without hurting my bank balance!

I have some printed cards of my own work which fit the Cornwall theme, however I wanted to create some handmade cards as well - each one unique but with a little hint of Cornwall in terms of colours, words and images.  You may recall from a previous blog post that I had experimented with printing choughs, so I have made a series of images incorporating that very special Cornish bird. I also made a few with plant monoprints.

I really enjoyed making these - I didn't plan them too much, I just let the creative juices take over! Sometimes it's nice to  try something new and a bit different, away from felting, and I'm pleased with how these turned out.  I used text from an old book (aptly titled 'Cornwall') as well as teabag paper, fabrics and stitch - and of course the odd button!

I told myself I wouldn't make any more felted items before the exhibition, but I have one more thing I'd really like to make, and my fingers are itching...I may have time over the weekend, but I'll have to this space!

If you're in town in the week of the exhibition, be sure to pop in - we're a friendly bunch, and there will always be a couple of us there stewarding.

Best wishes, and have a lovely weekend!